Davson, lighting the way for spiritual art.

“The origin of the world is one, the origin of all human beings is one, and the origin of all religions is one.” Mr. Kotama Okada


Sharon uses spiritual ideas along with her love for nature to create a type of majesty in her masterpieces that has led to them becoming the first spiritual art to be sought after and sold for up to 7 figures by a living artist.
Davson has been composing artworks that gently incorporate symbols of spirituality and belief since 1969, at age 15. It was in her 1995 painting – ‘Together we can’ that she began to paint ‘the Light of God’. Since then “the Light of God’ along with her puzzle pieces, have become a signature motif of her inspirational creations.

To date, Davson has created less than 120 career paintings, with almost all art by her since 1984 SOLD before being created. As an investor/collector you can be directly involved by discussing creative concepts to create art by her that is specifically for YOU, your office, your major construction and hotel projects. 


Davson's gift to religious or spiritual bodies.

Expressions of interest


Sharing Faith Fundraiser  

Sharon Davson seeks expressions of interest from local, national and international religious and spiritual entities who would like to use her prints to help them raise funds for their given worthy causes. 

Sharon says, "These beautiful quality reproduction prints of my Creation painting are being gifted to religious and spiritual groups to assist encourage greater love and understanding in pondering depths of all in creation.  They are to be 'sold by donation' or other by the church, synagogue, temple or group to raise monies for specific requirements.  All we want to know is what project the money is going towards (IT equipment, youth or other activity, building repairs, etc.)”

Please 'Register Your Interest', and let us know the religious/ spiritual group or congregation you are from, how many prints you would like and the cause towards which you will use the funds raised.

The first 600 creation prints were recently gifted in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Luxembourg and New Zealand.


Investing in Davson


Art by her, infused with a great love for the environment and the interconnections of all on our Earth and beyond, are loved and treasured inclusions in royal, celebrity, museum, corporate, investment and private collections.

There are only 2 ways that you can acquire an original painting by Davson 1. You need to be in contact with the artist; or 2. be in contact with a collector/investor willing to sell a painting by her. Her exclusivity means that finding her works in a commercial art gallery or auction house is exceptionally rare. Making paintings by Davson prized possessions.


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World Leading

Davson’s enthusiasm and optimism for our world makes for inspirational and innovative connections.

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The Allure of Davson Art

Creative leadership means Davson follows her passions to make a positive difference in our world.

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Investment in Art

The value of Davson’s paintings has consistently doubled within five years for three decades.

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