Sharon Davson is Australia's highest valued living artist.

Owning a spiritually and environmentally aware painting by Sharon Davson is a rare honour afforded to only a few in the world at a time.  To date, Davson has created less than 120 career paintings, with almost all art by her since 1984 SOLD before being created

It is almost impossible to buy a painting by her in a commercial art gallery or auction house.  To acquire an original painting by Davson, you need to be in contact with the artist; or a collector/investor willing to sell a painting by her. 

Davson is happy to travel to discuss in person creative concepts.  After this, a collector/investor may need to be a little patient.  As patience is rewarded, and part of the process of being involved with the creation of art by her that is specifically for you, your office or your major construction and hotel projects.

Paintings by Davson are prized possessions.  Commissioned pieces and existing paintings by her can be acquired from six to eight figure dollar amounts.  Works associated with The Davson Art Hotel / currently being commissioned small paintings, are to be more affordable.

Art by her, infused with a great love for the environment and the interconnections of all on our Earth and beyond, are loved and treasured inclusions in royal, celebrity, museum, corporate, investment and private collections

Davson is one of a handful of women artists in the world with paintings in multi-million dollar sales values; and she is Australia's highest valued living artist.  Art by her encompasses spirituality, well-being and the environment to cultivate positively thought provoking art; - compelling themes for greater harmony on our Earth

World Leading

Davson’s enthusiasm and optimism for our world makes for inspirational and innovative connections.

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The Allure of Davson Art

Creative leadership means Davson follows her passions to make a positive difference in our world.

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Investment in Art

The value of Davson’s paintings has consistently doubled within five years for three decades.

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