Sharon Davson

 The Allure of 雪伦  黛维鑫 Davson Art 
Global information

Successfully Original

Creative leadership means Davson follows her passions to make a positive difference in our world. Over 400 celebrities have endorsed her World Flag and charitable ventures for world peace and endangered species awareness, art galleries are named after her, and she has been acknowledged as the leader of a new art movement. Along the way, she has become the highest valued living artist in Australia.


Each original Davson painting has been carefully documented and authenticated.  In an art world plagued by paintings not worked on by the artist and by potential forgeries; this is a necessary reassurance.

Highly Valued

Many of Davson’s creations contain spiritual and environmental treasures as well as providing rich investment opportunity. In 2011 her painting, On the Ark of Salvation, became the highest valued painting by a living artist in Australia. Since then, more of her paintings have eclipsed that record value. Few living female artists world-wide have paintings valued in seven figures.

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