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A Wondrous Life - Davson Art Hotel

Do you desire being on the ‘ground floor’ of new ventures, with great investment opportunities?

In any good quality Hotel, considerable effort is taken with the all finishes, inclusions and décor. The art comes late in the process and is ‘matched’ in colour and mood to complement the surroundings, as are the bed covers, cushions, crockery and all items seen by guests. In an art hotel; the Art comes first.

In this case, exclusively the art of Sharon Davson who has been involved since the architect plan stage.  She will assist in ensuring the colours, textures and furnishings are matched to the Art, and that the details from the Art, its colours or mood, are core to all the interior finishes that are chosen.  Also, that the layout for the gift shop gallery enhances the reproductions and products from her art, and these products are of the right quality.  Imagine owning the original art being promoted.

The Art then becomes the foundation for the promotion of the hotel, from its stationery to the detailing throughout the hotel and to all items in the gift shop.
And the creative theme chosen by the artist for this Davson Art Hotel is A Wondrous Life.

In July 2014, Sharon Davson was invited by a developer in Newcastle, who had already developed 15 accommodation complexes, to be the artist for his first Art Hotel.  He commissioned her to create major works of art, to be the creative consultant throughout the entire project, and he acquired ‘rights to reproduce’ Davson’s art for the guest rooms with that art complementing the theme of the larger commissioned pieces.