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Investment Opportunities for you!

Davson creates thought provoking works of art.  Did you also know that the value of Davson’s paintings has risen ahead of real estate for over thirty years?read more... This can make for an interesting art acquisition investment. Serious collectors can clearly see the wonderful investment opportunities in Davson's work.

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White Horse Fantasy 

A Wondrous Life - Davson Art Hotel
art …can be yours

Important milestones are being reached, one after another for the art in the A Wondrous Life series and The Davson Art Hotel.
These milestones are now impacting on the acquisition prices for paintings. 

This series creates wonderful investment opportunities for the serious collector.
$2,000 deposit can secure you one of these paintings.  This guarantees that installments can then be made
at the
current selling prices.


Other current investment opportunities available


Art With Gratitude Series

Davson’s master series.  This With Gratitude series contains much of Davson’s best work.  There were twelve paintings making up the set of works, with each being created in 1996, the same size, on a specific theme and in a related palette.
The With Gratitude series is also the ONLY body of art created by Davson on a specific theme where all of the works of art are the same size.
In their lifetime of creativity, many great artists are remembered for one or two significant works, and / or one fabulous series.  Examples of series include Monet’s Haystacks and Water Lilies.



Davson’s With Gratitude series of oil paintings make up such a series, and as the owner of some of this work you could enjoy the benefits of sharing in their provenance, their rising prestige and in their investment value.  There could also be opportunities to give countless others the chance to share this with you, should you be willing to exhibit these works of art in public venues.  



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