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Limited Edition Prints

A superb range of signed and numbered limited edition Sharon Davson prints are being produced by the master photographer and artist Graham Ramsey.  These artworks are on 350 gsm rag archival paper with both the paper and the links rated to a minimum of 150 years.

On the latest model of 10 colour printer, these Giclee prints have maximum colour depth with accurate fragile light tones.  The shadow ends carry the rich colours found in the original painting and then able to retain the correct tonal and colour variations all the way up to the most delicate colour tones and the varying shade of white at the high end found in the original painting.




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- Each print is personally signed, titled and numbered 
   by Davson
- Finished with a hand applied, specially created
   embossing seal.
- Authenticated against forgery with a hidden code -
   Individualised Certificate of Authenticity.

There will be ONLY 143 prints of each edition, making them a rare inclusion to any collection for lovers of fine things.


The following links will take you to pages with galleries of Davsons art where you can peruse at your own leisure and choose your favourite painting and enquire as to when a print will be produced.


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