Hands Up

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In April 1992, Davson started her Hands Up campaign to assist endangered species awareness. American singing legend Neil Diamond launched the Hands Up project with her at a national press event at the Regent Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

Since then, Davson has conducted this activity with over 400 celebrity leaders from World Champion sportspeople to international entertainers, including Michael Chang, Mario Andretti, Sir Nigel Mansell, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, John Newcombe, Mark Richards, Ian Chappell, Paul Newman, Olivia Newton-John, Tom Jones, John Denver, Dame Joan Sutherland, Tom Burlinson and Bon Jovi.

It is a compliment to Davson, and the positive power of her initiative, that her concept has been copied worldwide, to help many charitable causes. They have often occurred shortly after Davson’s own activities in the USA, Germany, South Africa and other places. By copying Davson’s Hands Up initiative, millions of dollars has been raised for charity.

In the 1990’s, Davson conducted Hands-up through her charity Artists For Life to assist endangered species awareness. Then through her second charity, 48 Hours Toward World Peace. She periodically continues the initiative for peace and dignity for women causes. As well as prominent celebrities, thousands of adults and children have participated in her in Hands Up campaigns.


World Leading

Sharon Davson is the first artist to sponsor an international sporting event!

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World Flag

The World Flag, designed by Sharon Davson in 2004 for all who inhabit our Earth

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Artists For Life

In 1990, artist, Sharon Davson started the not-for-profit initiative Artists for Life

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Art Inspires Poetry

Internationally published poet, Celia Berrell, has created close to a hundred poems inspired by Davson's artwork

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