Keynote and Guest speaking

Sharon Davson - Artist, Keynote and Guest speaker

Keynote and Guest Speaking Services

Commanding , articulate, empowered.

Keynote and guest speaking is a specialty service offered by Sharon. As an artist living and working in a country with an over-riding belief system that artists don’t make moneyand yet with most collectors desiring to sell art works by dead artists for fortunes, there is a great dichotomy at play. Sharon Davson, who has remained outside the traditional commercial systems for most of her life, has succeeded, lived and supported charitable initiatives from the sale of her art for over thirty years.

 She is Australia’s highest valued living artist, and brings to your audience great empathy with those who have ‘done it tough’, the dignity of understanding success, and the humour of compassion for all on our Earth with spiritual insight and grace.

Davson is a very accomplished speaker. She has made appearances at many openings, conventions, private functions and other special occasions for the wider community. 

Inspiring Participation …
Seminars, Workshops and Artist in Residence

Taking great pride and pleasure in entertaining and informing her audience.

Be prepared for a fresh approach from 3,000 years of tradition.


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