Art Inspires Poetry

Art Inspires Poetry

Over the centuries, many artists have illustrated literary works; and on rare occasions, a poet
or songwriter has penned verse about a specific work of art.  This is something quite different. In this world first - art inspires poetry


Internationally published poet, Celia Berrell, has created close to a hundred poems about animals, environmental issues and friendship.  Each inspired by a Davson artwork.

You can find a series of environmental poems and Davson’s images on the Science Rhymes website (  These carefully crafted verses have been appreciated world-wide as an educational resource, with three of the poems published in school text books.  Artist and poet are creating a series of book publications to celebrate this world-first collaboration as art inspires poetry.  It is usually the artist who illustrates the poetry – not the other way round!  

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South Australian Libraries 1989-2011
Millicent Art Gallery, Millicent SA
Libraries and Culture, Wattle Range Council

World Leading

Sharon Davson is the first artist to sponsor an international sporting event!

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Hands Up

In April 1992, Davson started her Hands Up campaign to assist endangered species awareness.

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World Flag

The World Flag, designed by Sharon Davson in 2004 for all who inhabit our Earth

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Artists for Life

In 1990, artist, Sharon Davson started the not-for-profit initiative Artists for Life

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