World Flag

With her passion for harmony and gratitude, Davson sought a way to remind us of our interconnectedness.  So she created a simple flag design to unite all Earthlings!


The World Flag was designed by Sharon Davson in 2004 for all who inhabit our Earth; a flag for unity of purpose, as we make efforts to live in greater harmony with each other and all that we share in this world. The design is deliberately simple and geometric for easy reproduction under numerous circumstances. A child with crayons can draw it.

The red vertical represents the yang spirit, fire and sun; (the hot, vertical energy of the time in which we are living). This crosses the blue horizontal of yin calm, water and moon; (the more gentle era of our past cultures). The white background represents the clarity and purity of air, translucence and transcendence. Along the bottom is the Earth, illustrated by the 5 spiritual colours for humans as described in ultra-ancient times; blue, red, white, yellow and purple.

The World flag contains elements common to all cultural philosophies and religions. A prototype is held at the Hikaru Memorial Museum collection in Takayama, Japan. It is accompanied by Davson’s painting With Gratitude Comes Growth along with documentation on her art, life and work for peace and environmental initiatives.

The other prototype is in the collection of the Davson Arts Museum peace & environment centre in Newcastle, NSW Australia. This World Flag has original, autographed handprints by numerous celebrities. From 2008-2011, it was part of Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment. This exhibition toured in public regional art galleries and venues in Australia.

Gold Coast Benji and the World Flag


World Leading

Sharon Davson is the first artist to sponsor an international sporting event!

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Hands Up

In April 1992, Davson started her Hands Up campaign to assist endangered species awareness.

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Artists For Life

In 1990, artist, Sharon Davson started the not-for-profit initiative Artists for Life

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Art Inspires Poetry

Internationally published poet, Celia Berrell, has created close to a hundred poems inspired by Davson's artwork

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