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First Artist to sponsor an international sporting event

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World First Events with Davson

Davson’s enthusiasm and optimism for our world makes for inspirational and innovative connections. This is one recent example.

She became the first artist to sponsor an international sporting event!

In 2000, Australia’s ultra-marathon athlete, Pat Farmer, commissioned Davson to create Turning Point, an oil painting that visually depicts aspects of his life.

When Pat Farmer shared his dream of global proportions with Davson in 2010, she endeavoured to do all she could to help. In 2011-2012, Pat Farmer ran from the North Pole to the South Pole via the Americas, and raised funds for Red Cross clean water projects. As well as providing financial support for the project’s preparations, Davson also created art works inspired by this world-record venture.

Peace in our world is one of Davson’s sincerest desires. So she committed to a second sponsorship and supported Pat Farmer’s Middle East Peace Run. Launched at Parliament House against a backdrop of Davson’s art, the Honourable Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia launched the Run in April 2014. By May 2014, Davon’s World Flag and paintings were being displayed at the Peres Peace House in Tel Aviv, then at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

2015 - 'Turning Point'

Turning Point is a pivotal painting in the career of the artist. It has been associated with multiple World First’s.


2014 Turning point painting on Pat Farmer running Shirt



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