Investment in Art

Investment in art 1997-1999 - On The Ark Of Salvation 4ft X 5ft NSW Australia 1240x900

Investment Art – Are you Sceptical ?

During periods of economic uncertainty, various forms of investment suffer
significant downturns.
For the Collector / Investor Appreciating quality art is enriching and rewarding

Share markets and formal superannuation plans have been a prime example  in Australia in recent years.  Yet the high-end Art Investment Market has continued to go from strength to strength. 

In Australia in 1973, the new National Gallery bought a painting by the late Jackson Pollock titled Blue Poles for $1.3 million.  It caused an outcry from the community with many so-called ‘experts’ rallying against the purchase.  But if it was possible to buy that painting today, it would cost $150 million or more.

Throughout history, those who could afford it have invested in quality art.  For example, even if James Fairfax (or similar high-wealth Australian) lost ALL their business investments and enterprises, all real estate and other belongings, their art collections would still be worth millions.  And the value of those art collections keeps rising.

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Choosing Davson’s Art for investment, you are also benefiting from the reach of her global vision for a more harmonious and environmentally friendly Earth.

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